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Model: SK99015
Expanding Safety Barrier SK99015 is a mild steel barrier that concertinas and expands from 200mm to 2700mm instantly. Barrier is perfect within the warehouse/workplace as a rapid response barrier to cordon off/ close down areas quickly. Manufactured from high quality steel construction. Colour: ..
Model: MPROTD/1309
Open Boarded Timber Decks  Size: WxD (mm) Load (Kgs) Ref: 1350 x 900 500 MPROTD/1309 2225 x 900 810 MPROTD/2225 2700 x 900 1000 MPROTD/270..
Model: MPRFS/09/YW
Pallet Racking Fork Spacers MPRFS/09/YW are used in pairs across beams to provide support and access to no palletised loads.105mm high fork entry space.Capacity: 2000kgs UDL per pair.N.B. Priced As pair..
Model: MRPSP/09/GV
Pallet support bars are ideal for aiding the storage of damaged or small pallets.This ensures protection for operational staff as no fall through should occur due to bearers being supported.Manufactured from 3mm thick pre-galvanised steel.Available in 2 depths (900mm ; Capacity: 1700kg..
Model: SK99016
Expanding Safety Barrier SK99016 is a portable expanding barrier that can be used to segregate/cordon off aisles, walkways ect, barrier is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and has reflective white panels to ensure it is visible to all traffic. Base can be water filled for stability to red..
Model: MPRMWD/1309
Wire Mesh Decks  Size: WxD (mm) Load (Kgs) Ref: 1350 x 900 1000 MPRMWD/1309 2700 x 900 2000 MPRMWD/2700 1350 x 1100 1000 MPRMWD/1311 ..
Model: Dividers
Wire mesh dividers are used in conjunction with mesh decking panels for the separation of products to identify goods quickly and efficiently.Height: 300mm.Depth: 900 or 1100mm.Dividers simply force-fit into place...
Model: PA-MP-002
Wire mesh waterfall style panels PA-MP-002 (Panels sit over the beam) are used to create picking levels at ground level or for the storage of weak or smaller pallets. The open grid construction allows full air circulation,optimises sprinkler percolation and smoke detection. Each mesh p..
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